William Amos

Decedents of  William Amos

Generation No. 1

1. WILLIAM AMOS was born 1690 in ENGLAND, and died 1759 in Baltimore, Harford County, MD. He married ANN MAULDIN.


2. i. THOMAS VALENTINE AMOS, b. November 23, 1713, Hartford County, MD; d. 1760.

Generation No. 2

2. THOMAS VALENTINE AMOS (WILLIAM) was born November 23, 1713 in Hartford County, MD, and died 1760. He married ELIZABETH DAY, daughter of NICHOLAS DAY and ELIZABETH COX. She was born 1719 in Baltimore County, MD.


3. i. HANNAH AMOS, b. January 14, 1756; d. September 14, 1814.

Generation No. 3

3. HANNAH AMOS (THOMAS VALENTINE, WILLIAM) was born January 14, 1756, and died September 14, 1814. She married JOHN A OLIPHANT 1775 in PA ?, son of EPHRAIM OLIPHANT and SARAH STOUT. He was born January 02, 1750 in Hunterdon County, NJ, and died May 21, 1823 in Greene County, TN.


Birth dates and dates on the children of John and Hannah was supplied to me by Bonnie Sherman.

John is reported in the auditors account, page 107, of official records in New Jersey, State House, to have been paid for sundry services and for riding express No. 19, Date 1777. During the year 1778 he moved to Washington District, NC. The place where he settled was later Greene County, TN. He was a neighbor of John Sevier and being a wagonmaker and a gunsmith, he assisted in fitting out troops for the expedition to King's Mountain, and either accompanied them, or helped protect the settlement during their absence. He was on the First Tax list of Green County, 1783. He was given a Land Grant for Revolutionary Service, recorded at Nashville, TN. For sundry claims and for Military expedition with Wagons, for ten days, by order of General waddell. It was resolved by the Convention of NC that these claims be allowed, and they were signed by Martin Armstrong. (Vol 9, page 485, 487, NC records, Adj. Gen Office N.J., Records of Land Commissioner, Nashville, TN; and Family Bible National No. 126439)

From Membership Roster and Soldiers, v.1, The Tennessee Society of the DAR 1894-1960. 'Lived NJ and NC (TN) during war. Express Rider 1777 - wagonmaker and gunsmith for troops to King's Mt....' Ref: DAR #451438; Fam. Bible: Acklen: vol. 1 - From Bates' Roster of Soldiers and Patriots of the American Revolution Buried in Tennessee 1974. 'Served, 1777, as wagonmaster in the New Jersey Line' - From National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Lineage Book, v. 129, p. 113, #128349. (Above data taken from Email copies sent to me from Doug Goodman)

Children of HANNAH AMOS and JOHN OLIPHANT are:

i. JAMES OLIPHANT, b. April 28, 1776, Faquire County, VA; d. October 31, 1855, Greene County, TN; m. JANE RANKIN, June 06, 1803; b. September 20, 1782; d. April 12, 1844, Greene County, TN.

ii. THOMAS O OLIPHANT, b. January 19, 1779, Greene County, TN; d. 1840, Greene County, TN; m. HANNAH MORROW, April 07, 1802.

iii. ELIZABETH OLIPHANT, b. April 18, 1781, Greene County, TN; m. GROVER MARSH, JR, September 08, 1800.

iv. SARAH "SALLY" OLIPHANT, b. July 16, 1784, Faquire County, VA; d. 1874, Ebeneezer Cemetery; m. FELIX EARNEST, May 14, 1802.

v. HANNAH OLIPHANT, b. January 21, 1787, Greene County, TN; m. WILLIAM BARTON, December 10, 1812.

vi. MARY OLIPHANT, b. October 16, 1789, Greene County, TN; d. September 22, 1859, Farragut, Knox County, TN; m. JOHN MCAMIS, October 23, 1816.

vii. ANNA OLIPHANT, b. March 14, 1798, Greene County, TN; d. December 19, 1852, Clifton, TN enroute to Illinois; m. NATHANIEL HAYWORTH, August 27, 1816.

viii. RACHEL OLIPHANT, b. September 13, 1796, Greene County, TN; d. January 04, 1872, Grainger County, TN; m. THOMAS WEST, March 23, 1815.

ix. JOHN OLIPHANT, b. March 09, 1803, Greene County, TN; m. ELIZABETH HOYAL, June 06, 1819.

x. ABEY OLIPHANT, b. November 15, 1804, Greene County, TN; m. NATHANIEL HAYWORTH.

(See OLIPHANT family for descendents of Thomas OLIPHANT)