Thomas Collins

Descendants of Thomas Collins

Generation No. 1



2. i. SARAH COLLINS, b. 1738.

Generation No. 2

2. SARAH COLLINS (THOMAS) was born 1738. She married JOHN LEECH, son of DAVID LEECH. He was born 1734.


3. i. JOHN LEACH, b. September 07, 1768.

Generation No. 3

3. JOHN LEACH (SARAH COLLINS, THOMAS) was born September 07, 1768. He married ELIZABETH. She was born December 1765.


4. i. TABETHA LEACH, b. July 28, 1795, SC; d. August 28, 1843, Hart County, KY Buried Leach Cemetery, Rowletts Sta.

Generation No. 4

4. TABETHA LEACH (JOHN, SARAH COLLINS, THOMAS) was born July 28, 1795 in SC, and died August 28, 1843 in Hart County, KY Buried Leach Cemetery, Rowletts Sta. She married WILLIAM PETER OWEN December 19, 1816 in Barren County, KY, son of JOSEPH OWEN and PRISCELLA TRIBBLE. He was born September 09, 1791 in Halifax County, VA, and died September 02, 1857 in Hart County, KY.


i. CHURNSLEY SHARP OWEN, b. August 27, 1818, Hart or Barren County, KY; d. May 04, 1896, Buried Leach Cemetery, Rowletts, Sta., Hart County, KY; m. JACOB BENJAMIN HARDY, 1845, Hart County, KY; b. August 27, 1816, Hart or Barren County, KY; d. October 27, 1880, MO.

ii. ELIZABETH LONG OWEN, b. 1822, KY; m. SAMUEL STAPLES, Hart or Barren County, KY.

iii. MARY ANN OWEN, b. 1825, Hart Or Barren County, KY; m. JAMES LAWRENCE HARDY.

iv. PRESCILLA TRIBBLE OWEN, b. 1826, Hart or Barren County, KY; m. SAMUEL HENRY HARDY, 1845, Hart County, KY.

5. v. SARAH JANE OWEN, b. August 28, 1827, Munfordville, Hart County, KY; d. January 09, 1899, Souders Cemetery, Weaubleau, Hickory County, MO.

vi. JOSEPH WILLIAM OWEN, b. 1829, KY; d. 1918; m. FRANCES MARTHA VAUGHN, December 16, 1851, Hart County, KY.

vii. SUSAN LEACH OWEN, b. February 28, 1830, Hart County, KY; d. October 24, 1881, MO; m. BURKS ISSAC HARDY, March 16, 1848, Hart or Green County, KY; b. March 04, 1820, KY; d. April 02, 1911, MO.

viii. JOHN SIMEON OWEN, b. June 24, 1831, Munfordville, Hart County, KY; d. March 23, 1915, Lonoke, Hart County, KY Bass-Burd Cemetery; m. ANN REBECCA BASS, February 03, 1856, Hart County, KY.

ix. WALTER HENRY OWEN, b. September 08, 1833, Hart County, KY; d. January 09, 1893, Hart County, KY; m. LUCY F. BASS, Abt. 1858, Hart County, KY.

x. MARTIN VAN BUREN OWEN, b. 1836, Hart County, KY.

xi. PETER TRIBBLE OWEN, b. 1839, KY.

xii. TABITHA LILLIAN OWEN, b. May 02, 1841, Hart County, KY; d. February 26, 1898, Polk or Dallas County, MO bur Reynolds Chapel; m. HERBERT IVAN LOCKE.

Generation No. 5

5. SARAH JANE OWEN (TABETHA LEACH, JOHN, SARAH COLLINS, THOMAS) was born August 28, 1827 in Munfordville, Hart County, KY, and died January 09, 1899 in Souders Cem, Weaubleau, Hickory County, MO. She married ZACHARIAH SAMUEL HARDY July 12, 1846 in Lanoke Baptist Church Munfordville, KY, son of GEORGE HARDY and ELIZABETH BURKS. He was born November 11, 1822 in Rowletts, Hart County, KY, Hardy Valley, and died June 02, 1882 in Weaubleau, Hickory County, MO.


i. MARY SUSAN HARDY, b. July 09, 1848, Hart County, KY; d. June 14, 1901, Ingalls, MO; m. EUGENE LARKIN KELLEY, February 25, 1873, Hart County, KY; b. April 06, 1852, Glasgow, KY; d. January 28, 1923, Rogers, AR.


Mary Susan Hardy was born July 9, 1848, in Hart County, Kentucky, was converted at about sixteen years of age and joined a Baptist Church in Kentucky. She was married February 25, 1873, to Deacon Eugene L. Kelley. She died on June 14, 1901 after a lingering illness. The mother of eight children, five boys and three girls. Three preceded her to the better land. Willing and anxious to go, but at the same time desired to stay with her family. She made all arrangements for her burial, requesting that the writer who had been her pastor for two years, conduct the funeral. She left her husband with a smile and quietly passed away. Hopewell Church has lost one among her best members. She expressed a great desire for the prosperity of the Church, and the salvation of the lost.

By B. F. Chamberlin


He was a carpenter and traveled from Missouri to Eastern Colorado to help his son, Virgil and family build a frame home which was completed in 1921.

ii. JAMES L. HARDY, b. August 23, 1849, Hart County, KY; d. October 20, 1850, Hart County, KY.

iii. LEWIS BARNETT HARDY, b. December 19, 1851, Hart County, KY; d. bur Pocasset, Grady County, OK; m. MARTHA REBECCA BROWN, August 15, 1883; b. July 12, 1863, Polk County, MO; d. buried Pocassett, Grady County, OK.

iv. WALTER THOMAS HARDY, b. June 06, 1853, Hart County, KY; d. 1903, Weaubleau, Hickory County, MO; m. PERMELIA A. NUNN, 1890, MO; d. 1903, MO.

v. LAURA ELIZBETH HARDY, b. December 15, 1858; d. November 24, 1935, Souders Cemetery, Weaubleau, Hickory County, MO; m. DAVID F. KEELING.

vi. PETER MAXIE HARDY, b. September 21, 1860, Hart County, KY; d. July 16, 1949, Buried Robinson Cemetery, St. Clair County, MO; m. SARAH LOUELLA WILLIAMS, Abt. 1886, MO.

vii. GEORGE CLINTON HARDY, b. February 27, 1862, Hart County, KY; d. November 07, 1928, Buried Souders Cemetery, Weaubleau, Hickory Co, MO; m. MARY MELISSA NUNN, October 02, 1887.

viii. JACOB WILLIAM HARDY, b. April 07, 1864, Hart County, KY; d. April 25, 1896, Hickory County, MO; m. NANCY ELDORADO BROWN, December 29, 1886.

ix. MARTHA TRIBBLE HARDY, b. March 16, 1866, Hart County, KY; d. January 22, 1939, Souders Cemetery, Weaubleau, Hickory County, MO; m. ALDRIAN G. WILLIAMS, November 15, 1888.

x. FLOYD KENT HARDY, b. November 26, 1868, Horse Cave, Hart County, KY; d. April 04, 1952; m. SUSIE M. BLYTHE, 1891.

xi. EMMA LEE HARDY, b. June 25, 1872, Hart County, KY; d. Buried Afton, Ottawa County, OK; m. MARSHALL OSBORN.