Basil Human

Descendants of Basil Human

  1. Bazzle (Basil) HUMAN was born in 1734 in MD, died in March 1795 in Elbert County, GA, married about 1758 to Isabelle in MD. They had 6 children.

1.1. Alexander Human born 9-18-1760 married Elizabeth Hawks.

1.2. Peggy Human born about 1763 married Ezekial Wells.

1.3. Anna Human born 1766.

1.4. Rutha Human born 1770.

1.5. Basil Human born 1772 married Winifred Gillum.

1.6. Susannah born 1774.

1.5. Basil Human was born in 1772 in Caswell County, NC. Basil came to Tennessee through North Carolina to Knox County about 1795. Basil married Winifred Gillum (Gilliam) (Gillom) on January 28, 1797. Winifred was widow of Thomas Gillum. He (Gillum) and son James were killed and scalped (brutally murdered) by 12 Indians May 25, 1793. This incident is recorded in several history books and caused raids on Indian settlements from Knoxville to Chattanooga. Winifred had other children from previous marriage.

(The numbering system is as follows: 1. is the first generation, 1.1. is the second generation, 1.1.1. is the third generation. The value of the number is that person's place in that generation.)

1.5. Basil Human and Winifred Gillum had 9 children.

1.5.1. James Gillum Human born 10-27-1798 m. Sarah Hopper on 1-22-1818

1.5.2. Anna Human born 4-22-1800, m. Thomas Crank on 4-14-1820

1.5.3. Solomon Human born 1804, m. Nancy P. Porter on 4-4-1820

1.5.4. William Human

1.5.5. Jane Human born 12-18-1809, m. Simeon Hurst on 2-11-1837

1.5.6. Housley Human born 1815, m. Nancy Galloway

1.5.7. Preston Monroe Human born 1816, m. Nancy Freels 1839

1.5.8. Nancy Human born 1824

1.5.9. Charles Human born about 1826

1.5.1. James Gillum Human who was born October 27, 1798 in Knox County Tennessee, married Sarah Hopper on January 22, 1818 in Tennessee. Sarah was born in Grainger County Tennessee. Records show only 12 children from this marriage. Elizabeth Ann Human born 10-27-1818 m. Nathaniel Rains July 7, 1840. Mahala Human born 3-10-1820, died as a girl in Missouri. Susan Human born 12-26-1821, m.Thomas Alexander Irick April 18, 1847. Eliza Montgomery Human born 1-4-1824 died 3-10-1861, m. Lawrence Rains. James Madison Human born 12-24-1826, killed in Mexican War. William Calvin Human born 11-1-1828, d 5-20-1850. Thomas Jefferson Human born 7-16-1830 Cook Co IL, killed in Mexican War. Minerva Jane Human born 5-23-1831, d. Oct 1832. Levi Boone (Dee) Human born 5-25-1833, m. Phoebe Childs on 10-30-1859. He was accidentally killed in Texas where he lived, by hunters while picking pecans. William Carroll Human born 5-9-1836, Montgomery County, IL, m. Mariah Caroline King on 2-14-1854. Sarah Human born 12-27-1837, m. Geo. King on 10-27-1856. Julian Frazier Human born 4-2-1840, d 9-26-1921, m Matilda Richter 1-7-1864.

second wife: Mary Ann Miller--married on 3-23-1860. They had 1 child. James Daniel Human born 12-12-1860, d 11-29-1935, m. Mary Francis Egbert.

third wife: Emily Miller--married 1-7-1863. Records show 6 children to this marriage. Emily was a sister to Mary Ann, daughers of Dan Miller. Ida May Human born 12-19-1862, m. Fred Lizburn. Mary Human born 10-18-1865, m. Tolliver Beers. Felix G. Human born 4-24-1868, d. 9-26-1942, m. Lizzie Slagle. Died 4-9-1951. Boy Human born 4-24-1868 d. 1869. Girl Human born 4-24-1868 d. 1869. Pink Human born 1872, m. Charlotte (Lottie).

1.5.1. James Gundy Human had a total of 19 children. Mr. Human was 77 years of age when he died in Humansville. The article listed him as Judge Human. William Carroll Human born May 9, 1836 in Montgomery County IL married Mariah Caroline King February 12, 1854 in Polk County Missouri. Mariah was born December 2, 1834 in TN. William died December 27, 1926 in Spokane, WA and Mariah died March 21, 1926 at 1:30 A.M. on a Sunday morning in Spokane WA. William was a member of the Missouri State Legislature. He was a member of the Missouri Cavalry during the Civil War. He was a Captain and his outfit chased a group of bushwhackers right into the town of Humansville. When Great-Great Grandpa Human got a chance to look up from the heat of battle he looked toward his own house and saw Mariah, his wife, out in the street taking shots at those bushwhackers. William and Mariah moved to state of Washington. On February 12, 1924 they celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary. The article from the Spokane Daily Chronicle dated February 14, 1924 says that bullets were flying pretty fast that day for about 30 minutes when Mariah Human was guarding her home. The advise Mr. Human gave and was reported in the paper was to "marry early and stick to it". "An open air life and my family were my pleasures. I've got one little girl in California and the baby lives back east", he said. The little girl is 69 years old and the baby is 68. (The baby he speaks of is my great-grandmother Cinderella Almanza Rogers who was living near Anderson MO.---Dorothy Zongker). He died at age 90 and she at age 92. They had 4 children. Mary Jane Human born 12-23-1854 m. John Wilson. Cinderella Almanza Human born 1-30-1857 m. Russell Clark Rogers. Josephine Human born in 1859. Never married. Infant Human born 3-22-1861; died 3-22-1861. Cinderella Almanza Human born 1-30-1857 in Humansville MO. She married Russell Clark Rogers November 26, 1873 in Humansville MO. He died on Dec. 4, 1929 in Anderson MO at 80 years of age. Cinderella signed her name C.A. Rogers, as it was too long to write out in long hand. She died April 29, 1943 in Anderson, MO at age 86. I have heard my Dad William Kelley tell of the time they went to Missouri to visit with the family and his Grandmother asked my Dad and his brother Everett to gather chips so she could start a fire in the house to keep them warm. They were well in their teens. I understand they could not find any chips and came back with that news for their Grandmother Rogers. They thought she wanted cow chips, as they were accustomed to using in eastern Colorado, but she really wanted wood chips. There were 9 children born to the Rogers family. Gladys Josephine Rogers born 10-6-1874 m. Virgil Herod Kelley on Oct. 14, 1894. Ada Mariah Rogers born 3-8-1876 Honey Grove, TX. Harry Carroll Rogers born 12-20-1878 in Humansville, MO. Mary Theodosia Rogers born 4-21-1881 in Humansville, MO. Agnes Almanza Rogers born 6-29-1883 in Humansville, MO. Ethel Arena Rogers born 12-19-1885 in Humansville, MO. Arthur Russell Rogers born 10-4-1887 in Wheatland, MO. Albert Harrison Rogers born 12-26-1891 in Wheatland, MO. Bertha Maud Rogers born 12-18-1893 in Wheatland, MO. Gladys Josephine Rogers was born Oct 6, 1874 in Humansville MO. She married Virgil Herod Kelley on Oct 14, 1894 in Quincy MO. Virgil was born Oct 4, 1875 in Louisville KY and died April 14, 1935 in Lycan CO. Gladys died June 28, 1949 in Las Animas, CO. Both are buried in Lamar CO. They began their married life on a farm near Terry, MO. Virgil farmed in Oklahoma and returned to Springfield MO to work on the Frisco Railroad and a dairy. On May 15, 1915, the Virgil Kelley family which consisted of 7 children (William, my father, was 4 years old) traveled 600 miles in two covered wagons to Colorado to take advantage of the Homestead Act that provided a person to receive a deed to land if he lived on it for three years and built some improvements such as a house and barn. They arrived at the homestead on August 13, 1915 to reside in a half dug-out with a dirt floor. A new home was built when Great Grandfather Eugene Kelley, a carpenter, arrived from Missouri in the early 1920's. He helped design and build their home. He was helped by Grandpa Virgil Kelley and his sons. The house was completed in the fall of 1921. They lived on this farm the remainder of their years together except for a short time when the family purchased a home in Holly to be close to junior and high school for Paul and Rogers. They had 11 children. Frederick Virgil Kelley born 10-18-1895 Terry MO d.2-8-1907, Needmore I.T. Eurick Lee Kelley born 7-10-1897 Terry MO Eugene Russell Kelley born 9-9-1899 Boliver MO James Harry Kelley born 5-9-1901 Weaubleau MO Arcie Carmel Kelley born 8-4-1904, d. 8-14-1905 Cleora I.T. Nellie Jewel Kelley born 4-20-1907 Needmore I.T. Albert Clinton Kelley born 2-15-1909 Needmore OK. William Floyd Kelley born 3-3-1911 Springfield MO. married Ruth Alma Lambert on Nov 9, 1932 in Johnson KS. Everett Ester Kelley born 7-30-1913 Springfield MO. Paul Edward Kelley born 6-25-1916 Lycan CO. Thomas Rogers Kelley born 2-20-1919 Lycan CO. William (Bill) Floyd Kelley was born Mar 3, 1911 in Springfield MO. Bill married Ruth Alma Lambert on Nov 9, 1932 in Johnson KS. Ruth was born September 21, 1908 in Coats KS. (Ruth was daughter of John Russell Lambert and Alma Dora Fisher) Warren Calvin Kelley born 8-1-1933 Lycan CO d. 8-1-1933 Lycan CO.